COVID-19: Dietary recommendations

Covid 19 eating recommendations
Covid 19 eating recommendations

7 Dietary recommendations:

1-Maintain good hydration: In relation to the probability of increased dehydration linked to feverish states. It is also recalled that milk and fruit juices should not be considered as the first usual hydration options. Tap water, in our country, is a perfectly valid option accessible to everyone.

2-Take at least 5 servings between fruits and vegetables a day.

3-Choosing the consumption of whole grain products and legumes.

4-Choosing dairy products (milk and fermented milks / yogurt) preferably low in fat: In this case I do want to make two clarifications: “Although the consumption of dairy is not essential for bone health, In populations with a high sedentary lifestyle and other factors that negatively influence bone health, dairy consumption is recommended as a source of calcium. There is currently controversy over whether or not to recommend skimmed dairy products, but until the scientific controversy is resolved, the AEND finds it more prudent to continue recommending skimmed dairy products for adults, as is done in food-based dietary guidelines. from the countries around us ”.

5-Moderate consumption of other foods of animal origin within the healthy recommendations.

6-Choosing the consumption of nuts, seeds and olive oil.

7-Avoid precooked foods and fast food: Yes, as usual, we have said both active and passive.

Take advantage of quarantine to cook more

I have always argued that cooking has been associated with a better eating pattern. Fortunately, in the current circumstances (and that they last and even improve) there is no shortage of food, much less fresh; and since the reason / excuse that people usually interpose for not cooking is the lack of time … this could be a good opportunity for many to resume good habits. And gain practice.

If the lack of culinary resources is an obstacle, it occurs to me that what should be done is to put the children in contact with the grandparents and thus we kill 4 birds with one stone, a win-win-win-win like the top of a pine (who gives more?):

– We invest in good habits.
– Children learn (we educate)
– We pay necessary attention to our elders that nothing would make them happier than feeling useful.
– We retrieve recipes from our parents … and who knows, maybe also from our grandparents.

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