Do You Use Turmeric As A Pure Preservative?

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It has develop into fairly common to reside a pure life-style and use as many pure merchandise as doable and it appears that evidently the development can be spreading to the scientific neighborhood. Latest years has seen analysis flip from discovering new proof on artificial merchandise and their effectivity to testing whether or not ‘previous wives tales’ of a number of pure cures are literally appropriate or not. In reality, this new motion within the scientific neighborhood has helped to show that many pure vegetation has advantages that people can truly make the most of and with out the standard unwanted side effects of many different artificial merchandise.

Though the scientific neighborhood has to date targeted totally on medicinal functions of the various vegetation and extracts they’ve examined, newer research are beginning to department out and search methods of serving to different areas of life. One in every of these research targeted on turmeric and its makes use of as a preservative for fish, cuttlefish specifically. Turmeric has lengthy been used as a spice in lots of dishes and as a root with many dietary advantages that’s now gaining reputation within the ‘smoothie’ kingdom.

Turmeric, as said earlier, is a root and is kind of common in dishes in India and Asia. It additionally has many medicinal values as it’s excessive in vitamins and it has been used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, to guard pores and skin well being, for coronary heart well being, to help female and male reproductive well being, and for a lot of different medical makes use of. The plant grows primarily in India, the nation that’s accountable for the world’s largest manufacturing of turmeric in addition to it’s consumption and exportation.

The examine with turmeric was performed by the Alagappa College in India along side Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Their objective was to check whether or not turmeric might be helpful to the lengthening of the shelf lifetime of seafood, and shortclub cuttlefish specifically. Due to how briskly fish spoils after it’s caught, the examine that was printed within the open-acess journal CyTA – Journal of Meals, most seafood solely lasts about eight days on ice storage after it has been caught.

The nutritionists used the Torry rating, a benchmark that determines the standard of fish utilizing sensory assessments, in addition to different variables to get extra correct outcomes. One in every of their different variables included testing the cuttlefish for biogenic amine, a compound that’s produced by sure micro organism after they digest amino acids in seafood. These biogenic amines could cause inner upsets to people together with respiratory misery, coronary heart palpitations, and hypertension. Turmeric, which has antibacterial properties, was hypothesized to have the ability to inhibit the expansion of such a micro organism. One other variable that was examined was the lipid oxidation of the fish.

The samples of cuttlefish examined have been divided into two teams and saved on ice instantly after seize. The take a look at group was ready then dipped right into a 0.5 p.c turmeric extract answer for 30 minutes. The opposite group was ready and left as a management group. These fish have been then positioned in storage for 18 days in a field that was set at 39.2 levels Fahrenheit. The outcomes of the examine discovered that the group of cuttlefish ready with turmeric extract lasted 15 days earlier than the variables decided it had ‘gone bitter’ and that the management group lasted 12 days earlier than it turned bitter.

The examine proved to be a hit and the preservative properties of turmeric have been decided to be due to the presence of important oils, curcumin, and valeric acid. The quantity of biogenic amine was additionally lowered within the cuttlefish ready with turmeric because of the turmeric inhibiting the expansion of micro organism as a result of turmeric is antibacterial and anti-microbial. Another be aware on this examine – turmeric didn’t depart any style or aroma or disturb the standard of the cuttlefish when used as a preservative.


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Turmeric has lengthy been revered as a ‘the spice of life’ and its medicinal worth has been lengthy referred to as effectively. New analysis now has proven that turmeric can probably have many different makes use of as a preservative and that the seafood market can have nice use of it for preserving their product with none dangerous chemical compounds or costly strategies. Hopefully this analysis spurs the meals trade in direction of extra pure strategies of packing, preserving, and transporting meals merchandise lengthy distances and over longer time intervals.


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