Elongation exercises

Elongation exercises
Elongation exercises

Elongation exercises are essential to avoid injury when training in any sport or physical activity, and also prevent muscle shortening, promote flexibility and reduce muscle pain and contractures.

Below we detail some stretching exercises that must be done slowly and feeling each muscle movement until it reaches the maximum moment of stretching, which must be maintained for about 20 or 25 seconds. Then we relax the muscle and repeat about 3 times.

Back Elongation:

In a position lying on your back on the floor, with your legs together and your arms close to your body, we lift our knees against our chest and take them with our arms, also raising our heads. The movement should be very slow, feeling how each of the muscles of the vertebrae stretch.

Abdominal and gluteal elongation:

In the same position lying on your back, we open our arms laterally forming a cross and bring our knees to our chest. We hold for a couple of seconds and rotate our legs together and flexed to one side until they touch the floor at the same time that we bring our arms to the opposite side. First to one side and then to the other.

Elongation of arms and back:

We start in a sitting position with our legs crossed and our backs straight. The movement is carried out by raising one of the arms with the palm of the hand facing downwards and bringing it back with the help of the other arm and turning the waist slightly.

Another variation of this arm lengthening exercise is done by placing the arm behind the nape, trying to touch the back as low as possible by pushing with the other arm.

Abductor elongation:

Sitting on the floor we bring the soles of our feet together and with our knees we try to touch the floor.

Twins Elongation:

Standing, we bring one leg forward keeping the feet parallel and flex the knee without lifting the foot of the other leg. We bring one of the legs well forward to feel the muscles of the back leg stretch.

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