How to become a complete person

Many people want to reap the benefits of being complete in all aspects of their lives. The concept of a complete person began to develop at the time of the Renaissance through the term “man of the Renaissance”, with which contemporaries were described as Leonardo da Vinci. While it may be difficult to find the right path to be a more versatile person, you can actively pursue your interests, diversify your experiences, and strive for a higher education so that you can become a more complete person.

complete person, happiness
complete person, happiness

1- Diversify your experiences

Allow yourself to explore the world around you. One of the best ways to become a more complete person is allowing yourself to explore the world around you in order to feed your curiosities. Activities like traveling and trying different foods and hobbies can broaden your horizons significantly and help you consider new perspectives.

2- Try new activities

Try new experiences
Try new experiences

If you try new activities that interest you or even in which someone invites you to participate, this will diversify your experiences and broaden your horizons. Even if you don’t ultimately enjoy it, you will still be more informed and more versatile than before trying that activity.

– You can try artistic activities, including painting, dancing or music; playing a new sport or even just participating in an informal game; or practice hobbies like bird watching or coin collecting.
– You should be open to trying new activities even if they do not initially seem attractive to you. In case one of your friends wants to see a science fiction movie, you can go with him even if you consider that science fiction is not your favorite. If you see things through someone else’s eyes, this can give you a new appreciation for them.

3- Interact with your community or local area

By interacting with your community or local area (for example, through politics), you will come into contact with a wide variety of people and opinions. It may be helpful to expose yourself to different perspectives in your community to become a more complete citizen.

– Consider participating in the politics of different parties so that you are certain to expose yourself to as many perspectives and opinions as possible.
– In case people chat about topics you are not familiar with, don’t succumb to the temptation to withdraw. If you stay, you could learn something new that will stimulate your development.

4- Eat new food

Eat new food
Eat new food

When you have the opportunity, eat new foods or gastronomies. Trying different foods and flavors can help you appreciate other people and cultures, and improve your health.

– If you live in an urban area, it will not be difficult to try new foods and gastronomies. Just by exploring the city a little, you can find restaurants of most cultures.
– If you do not live in a metropolitan area, consider cooking dishes from different cuisines. You can often find easy recipes to prepare at home in cookbooks or websites.
– You can even use napkins, special utensils or other accessories that match the gastronomy that you are going to try.

5- Meet new people

Each person has their own perspectives and opinions, which are formed based on their experiences. If you meet new people with whom you expose yourself to new information, this can help you be more versatile.

If you want to meet new people, first of all, you must recognize that your truth is not the only nor the correct one.

– Meet with people of different races, cultures, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religions. You can also try to meet disabled people. All of these different people will give you insight as to how others live and think.
– You can ask new people you meet about their perspectives and what they think.
– The more you talk to other people, the more successful you will be in conversations, and this, in turn, can make you a more complete person.

6- Volunteer or help others

Simple acts of kindness and helping others can be very useful to expose you to different personal experiences. Volunteering can help you put things in perspective and be a more complete person.

– Consider volunteering at a hospital or soup kitchen. This, in addition to generating more positive feelings, will stimulate conversations that will help you to learn.
– Even helping your friends and relatives can be useful to make you a more complete person. For example, do you know someone who has a sick relative or a child with special needs? If so, you may want to consider offering help taking care of the child or running errands for the family.

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