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How to remove an ingrown hair

The hairs are incarnated when they curl and grow towards the skin, or if dead skin obstructs the hair follicle and forces it to grow on its side. Ingrown hairs often cause itching and some pain. These look like small red dots on the skin (about the size of a pimple), and can become infected. Often, they will go away on their own. If you have persistent ingrown hair, you should try to loosen it with a scrub and a warm compress, and then extract it with a pair of sterilized tweezers.

First Method: Make it go away on its own

Method To Take Ingrown Hair Away
Method To Take Ingrown Hair Away

1- Wait a week for it to go away:

In most cases, ingrown hairs will disappear without you having to intervene. This will usually grow out of the skin that is obstructing it. You should not touch or scratch it while you wait for it to disappear.
You should also not shave over the bulging area during that time. If you cut yourself, you run the risk of infecting or aggravating it.

2- Apply some acne medication to the affected area:

Ingrown hairs closely resemble pimples, especially when accompanied by pus. Apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid several times a day for a few days. In combination with daily exfoliation, this will generally be sufficient to remove ingrown hair, as swelling will be reduced and the hair will have more room to grow outward (rather than inward).
You can buy acne cream at any pharmacy.

3- Put a steroid cream on your ingrown hair if it is infected:

If it begins to fill with white or yellow pus, this will mean that it is infected. In this situation, you will need to treat the infection before removing it. To do this, you will have to rub a small amount of the steroid cream on the affected skin. This will reduce swelling and clear the infection.
You can get some steroid creams (like cortisone) without a prescription. To get a stronger steroid, you will have to go to the doctor and ask him to prescribe it.

Method 2: Extract the hair

Extract the ingrown hair
Extract the ingrown hair

1- Exfoliate the area to remove the skin that covers it:

You’ll need to gently rub your ingrown hair twice a day with an over-the-counter scrub or exfoliation glove. This will be useful to remove any dead skin cells, dirt and oil that may be obstructing ingrown the hair. It may also cause the tip to protrude from the skin. Treat hair from various directions to loosen as much of the nearby skin as possible.
You can buy an exfoliating cream or a sponge glove at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

2- Don’t hurt nearby skin by exfoliating yourself:

You will need to exfoliate enough to loosen the skin that covers your hair, but not enough to hurt it. If the area close to it is sore, looks bright red, or starts to bleed, you will need to stop exfoliating immediately.
If in doubt, exfoliate more gently, but for a longer period (eg, 10 minutes).

3- Put a warm, damp cloth on the area for a few minutes:

Dampen a cloth with hot water, wring it out and press it on your hair for 3 to 4 minutes. When it cools, you will need to rewet it with hot water. This will soften the skin and bring ingrown hair to the surface, allowing you to remove it more easily.
If you can see the hair embedded in the skin, this treatment will soften it and bring it closer to the surface. If at first you cannot see it, you should leave the cloth applied until it rises to the surface of the skin.

Third Method: Remove the hair from the skin with a sterile needle and tweezers

Remove the hair from the skin
Remove the hair from the skin

It may take a while for your hair to come out, but you should persist and be careful not to cut your skin. After leaving the tip exposed with the needle, you will have to use sharp tweezers to pull the end of it and remove it from the skin. Don’t withdraw it entirely if you can avoid it; just make sure that the red end is out of the skin.

– Occasionally, you will see a “bow” in the ingrown hair; that is, the upper part that instead of growing out of the skin, folds and grows inward or to the sides. This means that the tip has started to grow towards the skin. Try running the tip of a needle through the curve of the top of your hair and gently pulling. Usually the end will come off.
– If you do not see the hair tie after exfoliating your skin and applying the warm cloth, you should not try to remove it. This could damage your skin or cause blood to flow.
– You can sterilize your instruments by boiling them in water or cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol, or passing them through a hot flame until they turn bright red. If you heat them, you should allow them to cool completely before using them.
– Wash your hands before treating ingrown hair and wear nitrile gloves to prevent the spread of any bacteria.

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