The Moon and I

🌙 It occurred slowly, over time, the place her mild would start to awaken a sleeping a part of me. I might say it began over a decade in the past. It started to occur after I was so damaged that I wanted one thing bigger than myself to really feel protected by. It started as a spot of refuge and solace subtly at first.

Later a curiosity started to emerge. A questioning if certainly we had been wired to fall into rhythm together with her. Later, working towards biodynamic gardening, kundalini yoga, herbalism, beekeeping, and diving into Celtic practices opened up the doorway to extra moon-lore. All these practices had moon knowledge woven into them. I started to concentrate to the brand new moon, full moon, waning and waxing moon. I started to trace my fertility and cycle round her and I then grew to become in sync together with her. As soon as this shifted, my relationship to the solar really grew to become enhanced. I first received the moon tattooed on my proper aspect, above my ribs. Largely for a reminder for myself to by no means relinquish my connection to the divine female. Later, after I was prepared to fulfill my masculine companion, I tattooed the solar. Then he arrived.

I suppose this deep relationship is in our bones. That’s why it seems like medication and why it seems like a necessity. As we transfer farther from the earth by way of know-how and toxins, the extra we have to align ourselves with what’s and at all times has been.

Round spring solstice I will probably be providing a course on moon research. It is a complete course designed to simplify the connection you may have with the moon. It’s factual, historic and religious. There are such a lot of stunning goddess websites and teachings on this wondrous time;  nevertheless, I really feel a lot of you wish to begin on the fundamentals. This course is just revealing methods to get in sync with the moon’s rhythm.



I’m so grateful and honored to deliver this course to you. I hope you’ll check out The Moon and I for finally it’s a a instrument to assist us all harness the sweetness, magic, and energy of los angeles Luna’s knowledge. As she ebbs and flows, so will we. As she retreats into darkness then builds in the direction of her fullness, so will we. As she honors instinct and fertility, so will we. As she yearns for a balanced state with the ocean, solar and earth, so will we. ☀🌏🌊 🌕

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